“Started to ask myself some questions and then, urm, it just hit me. I asked myself, who’s been helping me through all the rough times recently? And the answer’s you. Who makes me smile and feel better about myself no matter what? Still you. And who do I wake up every morning thinking about? So you can slap me, hit me, say whatever you want, but, it’s you.”


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“So…What did Darren get you?”

“There are things I can never tell my impossible husband. How his silly voices make me wanna tear my hair out, or how I suspect the last book he read was one you had to colour in. Or how, when we lost our baby, I wanted to die… And when I went into labour too soon, I was frightened that I would. I can’t tell him these things because I need him more than he will ever know. And that scares me. He is the one that has made me believed that we could give Oscar a happy childhood. My husband sees more strength in me than I do. He’s my shadow when I’m lonely and the light that leads me home. He makes the things I see as impossible, real. And when I fall I always know that he’ll be there to catch me. He is my leading man, my soul-mate and my very best friend and I don’t deserve him. So these are the things that I can’t tell my impossible husband. I need you, Darren. I really do.”


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